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   He hasn’t played in a while——

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"Well in brief, I arrested a person who I was sure to be the culprit but now he claims that he doesn’t even know the victim… But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll soon figure it out by myself."

                                                  ‘And you just took him for his word?

   Brilliant. How this man became an inspector, Conan felt he would never find out. Propping his hands behind his head, he put on his ‘innocent’ child act.

   ”It’s too bad you can’t find out where they live. If they knew each other, I’m sure there would be proof of it hidden at their homes.”

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Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie → 6/?

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落書き詰め合わせ by moo
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"Oh… That’s a shame, I would have wanted to ask his opinion about my latest case…"

   ”What case?” Dammit — if Kogoro were here, he was sure to get something out of the incompetent detective. On his own, he was likely to be brushed off.

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Just for a Little While [closed :: daughterofthesleuth]


She shot him a look that quickly faded into blushing and shivers as he took her hand. She felt the pressure he gave her fingers, which only increased the butterflies in her stomach. She cursed herself for being so vulnerable to his advances, but she couldn’t help it for she loved him. 

"Don’t worry so much, Shinichi. They’re right by the door. We’ll make it in plenty of time." She sat down and slipped them on as quickly as she could. “See? And if we do miss it, a little walking isn’t going to kill us.” 


   She had a point — walking wouldn’t kill either of them, but it would kill their time together. Shinichi was tempted to look at his watch again, but stubbornly resisted the urge. “Yeah, yeah. Sorry.”

   Letting his shoulders fall, the teen tried his best to relax. As troublesome as it would be to walk to Tropical Land, it would be far worse if his impatient caused them to argue. Knowing how stubborn Ran could be, Shinichi wanted to avoid bickering for as long as he could.

   ”Oh, right. Didn’t they renovate one of the old rides there?” He asked, “I think Ayumi was telling me about it…”

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"Then hypothetically speaking, yes. If you were him, then there was something that had happened that would cause you to keep a low profile. I would keep it a secret and swear on Date-niisan’s notebook not to tell a soul. I’d even see what I could do to help." he replied. Takagi was serious, especially since he brought up Date.

   The guilt he always felt when discussing his possible relation to Shinichi was beginning to well in his stomach again. He trusted the people that did know his secret, since they had yet to let slip that he and the teen were one in the same.

   Part of him wanted to tell Takagi the truth, but something else deep down didn’t want to put him in danger — especially after he claimed that he would help and swore on his mentor’s name.

   Sucking in his breath and letting it fill his chest, he motioned for the officer to come closer.

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*bursts inside* *throws blanket and pillow at you* GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP. *kisses your forehead* *leaves*

[It’s too earrrrrly! It’s only 5:00, I should be eating dinnr, not falling asleep at my ‘puter. Buuuh. Someone snuggle me to please, please and thank.]

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Hieee!! I’m sorry!” 

   ”Did you see which way he went, at least?” He should have know better than to rely on a citizen.

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