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Just for a Little While [closed :: daughterofthesleuth]


And then the hitch happened as always seemed to be the case when it came to Shinichi. There was always something that pulled him away. And as sad as she was to admit, it wasn’t another woman, it was a murder. She hadn’t known for sure of this fact, but seeing Takagi and Sato on the case only made it a 99.8 percent accuracy. Still, she couldn’t blame him for loving his job. She was sure if she was gone to Karate competitions all the time, he would be just as understanding. After all, they spent more time apart than together these days. "Yea, ok, no problem."

Placing her hands in her pockets in defeat, Ran hurried along behind her companion. Maybe he would at least tell her what was going on, that would only be fair. There were many times when he had discussed things with her. Granted, most of the time she tuned him out when it got boring, but she was always glad that he was there. And he seemed to give her the same amount of patience, despite the fact that he could become a little hot-headed and egotistical about his own deductions. Holmes was a written character, after all and Shinichi was not. 

His second seemed to be taking a bit longer than he’d said and it wasn’t long before they reached the gates to the amusement park. Ran wondered if she could take his phone from him and throw it into the lake. That wouldn’t be the best way to continue the date given that no major problems had happened other than the whole runaway van incident. Ran did owe her life to Shinichi for getting her out of harm’s way. She hadn’t have wanted to be the next victim on that murder’s list. A shudder ran through her at that thought and she looked to her friend. He was an idiot at times and got himself into crazy situations, but she couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

   His thumbs moved quickly and quietly, eyes darting from his phone to the sidewalk in front of him — it wouldn’t do him any good to trip in the middle of texting. He only spared Ran one glance to make sure she was behind him, and she was. Good.

   Shinichi stopped only when they arrived at the front gates. His attention remained glued to his phone until he was certain that his message had been successfully sent.

   The phone was returned to his pocket, an innocent grin plastered on his face. It must have been nice thinking that there was absolutely nothing wrong with remotely taking a case while on a date.

   ”Come on, let’s grab our tickets and get in. Oh, what did you want to do first?” They had a routine whenever they visited Tropical Land, but it never hurt to ask.

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First Love 

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Just for a Little While [closed :: daughterofthesleuth]


The good news was that he’d actually taken note of what she was hinting at by taking her hand. The bad news was that he was having a awkward time at initiating the correct way at which to accomplish the task. However, it seemed once he actually put his mind to it, natural instinct took over and they both sought out the warmth and solace the simple act brought forth. It would be childish to swing their arms, but that was exactly what Ran felt like doing as the giddiness welled up in her chest. 

She squeezed his hand lightly instead, feeling that he’d prefer that motion to the more embarrassing one. They weren’t children after all and the pressure conveyed her emotions well enough. A slight turn of the head and a smile accented by a blush upon her cheeks should have even clued Shinichi in on her heart’s desires. 

Things were looking up. It seemed after the text, he’d forgotten all about the case they’d witnessed and the date would go off without a hitch or so Ran hoped. The night had just begun and they were still several blocks from Tropical Land. It hadn’t been lost on Ran that the chase had been heading in the same direction they were traveling, but she put that thought out of her mind and increased her pace, almost dragging Shinichi along now. They would arrive at the amusement park within the next ten or so minutes. Ran moved her body a little closer to Shinich’s with a happy sigh. 


   She hadn’t yanked her hand away or told him that he was too sweaty — that had to be a good thing, right? Giving their hands another glance, he couldn’t contain the tiny smile that pulled up at the corner of his lips. His cheeks became pink and another knot formed in his stomach, but he didn’t release her hand.

   And, for one second, he forgot that there even was a case. He vaguely remembered them almost becoming paste under a van, but his mind was wrapped entirely around the fact that they were holding hands — until he felt his phone vibrating.

   ”Eh?” He pressed his free hand against his back pocket, trying to silence the incessant buzzing. Fortunately, it only lasted for a second or two — a text message. Pulling the phone out, he gave Ran a sheepish smile.

   ”One second? I’ll be quick.” He wiggled his fingers out of hers, hunched his shoulders, and began to text while shuffling down the street.

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He fell silent for a moment, a scaled brow arching slightly as his tongue flicked out of his mouth. Interesting. It didn’t smell like a lie. His curiosity was piqued… “Hm. Considering the things that I’ve seen, mundane and magical alike, I have to say that I believe you. It’s an intriguing situation, to say the least. Well, then. If there’s anything I can do to help on that matter, feel free to ask.”

   The sentiment was acknowledged, but he wasn’t sure he could use a dragon in his search for the Black Organization, though it would make things easier.

   Leaning forward against Al’s nose, he crossed his arms and tilted his head far enough to glance at the dragon’s eye. “If you hear or seeing anyone in a black coat, hat and sunglasses, let me know.”

   He didn’t want to tell him anymore than that — dragon or not, he didn’t want someone else getting involved and getting themselves hurt.

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Call the Mystery Shack what you would.
Well, people frequently did
but there were still people lining the room. 
All waiting to be entertained by the hokey knick knacks
and floor show and ‘tour’ his great uncle put on.
Dipper still didn’t understand.

 ”     I know, it’s kinda cheesy, huh?”


   Cheesy was putting it lightly, but Conan nodded in agreement. “You know that none of this stuff is real, right?”

   He shoved his hands into the front pocket of his hoodie and sighed. It was painful watching all these people fall into the shabby little tourist trap, especially a kid that looked older than him.

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   He’ll be damned if he lets that thief near her again.

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   ”Hey, Al-niichan! Can you do me a favor and eat this?” He waves the papers in front of the dragon’s nose.

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   Somewhere in Beika, in a dark alley between two abandoned buildings, a small boy is burning something in a rusty, unused oil drum.

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