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Ah - le - le?
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// But if you don't swim...HOW DO YOU SURVIVE SUMMER? OAO

[I sit inside an air conditioned apartment. :I The complex has a pool and I get in sometimes, but I don’t know how to actually swim. Plus, it really hasn’t been all that hot of a summer in Texas.]

16 minutes ago
#sttail#» — questions for mun
//why don't you try swimming? It's always so refrshing with this weather nomnomno *W*


   ”She doesn’t know how to swim…”

23 minutes ago
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// Also, Conan. What was that whisper I heard? >X*) *You thought i didn't hear you?* Anything against girls practicing martial arts?


   ”A—Ah, nothing! Nothing.”

31 minutes ago
#sttail#» — ic reply
// Yup. Though that's not a scary measure. and it always depend on the height. *is too concentrated on the talk to actually put you down


   Snicker, “She’s only about 164 centimeters. Short and tubby.

37 minutes ago
#sttail#[hoooou. D: -wiggles legs- my muse is talking about my weight and i can't stand on my own feet]#» — ic reply
//blink, blink * how much does she weigh? She does seem okay to me *holds up and down like an elevator


   ”Last time she was weighed, she was 164 pounds.”

52 minutes ago
#sttail#» — ic reply#[-weeps- i need to exersice more.]


The mortician leaned against the inside of the wrought iron fence around the graveyard, a shovel propped beside him. A grin split his features, puckering the visible edge of the scar that marred his face as he munched on a bone shaped biscuit. “Well, now~. You’re out awful late for someone so young~.”

   ”I… I was…” He could pluck excuses out of the air without problem, usually. The shock of seeing someone that resembled one of his deadliest enemies had visibly shaken the boy, a few beads of sweat falling along his temple and cheek.

   A hard swallow, and the boy let out a weak giggle. “I c—couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d take a walk.”

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#choicestlaughter#[Alllll mun~ -clings to-]
// not a worry. I'm acquainted with martial arts X3 *grins ((yes cone run, this mun is loca.)) *sings the lion king's song



   ”Your arms will give eventually. She’s heavy.”

57 minutes ago
#sttail#» — ic reply#[;^; i am heavy]
// NEVAHHHHHHH! *still hold mun up laughing as well* XD


   ”Oi, I’d be careful — she likes to kick.”

1 hour ago
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» — selfish-dog-gon

   Dammit, he really needed to pay attention to where he was doing. “S—Sorry..”

1 hour ago

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            He felt a deep, dreadful shudder.
                          His breath hitched.

   Gin…? No, this man looked different somehow.

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