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His hesitation wasn’t making Jessie too happy. She was sure he would protest, but she wanted to make him see things her way. After all, James wore dresses all the time and never felt ashamed. Sometimes she was sure her partner enjoyed wearing extravagant clothing even more than herself. She was sure Conan could feel the same. He just needed a little persuasion.

"Now hold still." She grinned, perhaps a little more evil than she should have and raised the dress above his head. 


In one foul swoop she brought the dress down, hoping he wouldn’t dodge in the process. 

   This wasn’t going to end well — he could feel it in his gut.

   She hardly gave him a chance to bolt before everything became dark for one horrible instant. He almost fancied himself dead, that this wasn’t really happening and he’d wake up in bed. Ran would have a good laugh once he told her about the crazy-haired lady in his dread, and he’d head off to school like he always did.

   Sadly, that wasn’t so. The darkness gave way to sunlight once again, his mouth gaping open to suck in a lungful of air. If he looked up, he’d see the woman, all teeth and glowing pride, looming over his. He didn’t look up, however.

   Instead, he cast his eyes down to the mess of bright yellow and green. He almost gagged when he noticed how loose and frilly the edges of his sleeves were, not to mention————

                                No. No, no no.

   He shouldn’t have reached up. Where his hair used to lie flat were two large bows, his dark hair sticking out in cute, little pigtails.

   ”Get me out of this right now! What if someone sees me?!”

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The dragon drew up his posture to be closer in height to the younger male, his tongue flicking out briefly as he fixed as pointed a look at the other as he could in his current form. After a moment his form blurred once more as he returned to his human form, though his shirt was tugged off in mid-shift as he sprouted his wings as well. A myriad of scars of varying sorts covered the dragon’s torso; there was hardly a patch of skin that wasn’t scarred.

"If it means that I can keep you, or anyone you hold dear, from ending up like this? Yes, my young friend, I do…and I’ll trust you to use it if you need me. In all likelihood, I won’t even need to lift a claw. You recall how hard it was for you not to scream and run when you first saw my true self? That’s because of a particular trait of my kind…we inspire fear in others to the point that it is nearly impossible, if not simply very difficult, to keep from running in terror." he explained, looking a bit sad at that, but shook his head after a moment and sighed as he drug the fingers of one hand through his bangs.

You word, on your honor, that if it comes to life or death for you or one you hold dear, you will call me. That’s all I ask.” he said, holding out one hand to the younger.

   Conan always thought that he had an interesting, if complicated and tiring, life — it was probably nothing compared to what Al had already been through. He had lived longer, no doubt, and had experienced more than he ever would, even if he were forced to relive his childhood again.

   Eyeing the scars, he felt his lips turn down. He had a few of his own, but they were hardly worth being proud of.

   His gave shifted from the man’s marred chest to his hand, but he didn’t grasp it right away. Conan was hesitant to make a promise like that, since it wasn’t likely that he’d keep it. Of course, Al did say life or death. There were plenty of dicey situations that he had gotten himself out of or had help in surviving, so maybe it wouldn’t be that difficult of a promise to keep.

   Reaching forward slowly, he took the man’s larger hand in his and gave it a small shake.

   ”On my honor.” If he had any left.

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She grabbed his hand in both of hers, making his hand close over the bracelet in the process. “No, no, I insist! I’m sure all the boys your age will think it’s super cool!” Third graders liked sharks, right? “If you don’t like it, you can give it to one of your classmates.” Anything to get rid of the damn thing-!

   Oh, sure. He could see it now — he’d walk into class, only to be laughed at by two of his closest friends. He’d sooner drop it in the trash than wear it in public, but he couldn’t deny such a pretty girl. Grasping the bracelet, he slipped it into his front pocket and forced a grateful smile.

   ”Uh, thanks. I guess. My name is Conan Edogawa, by the way.”

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A Little Assistance || littledetective



Oh, god, Edogawa-kun was cute.

Hakuba’s smile only broadened as he nodded, allowing the boy to lead him wherever he wanted to take him. “That sounds like the perfect place to begin looking, yes… brilliant idea, Conan-kun! It’s no wonder that you’re so well-spoken of. I imagine we’ll have this mystery solved in no time at all.”

To say that this was one of the foreign detective’s dreams would be an understatement; he could think of nothing better than to spend the afternoon with such a bright and helpful young detective. 

   It was far easier to play the adorable, helpful child around those he hadn’t spent a lot of time around, or those that didn’t know his true identity. While Hakuba seemed capable on his own, he hoped that he wouldn’t become another that figured his secret.

   ”What’s the dog’s name, and how’d it get out?” Conan wanted to asked what it was the owner wanted from the canine’s collar, but would wiggle his way into that question later.

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          Akira inspects the little badge with rapt curiosity. It seems legit, which is interesting, because Conan can’t be older than seven? How did he gain access to such sophisticated technology that he can communicate with other seven-year-olds through it? And really? Detective? The telepath seriously doubted it. What did they investigate, stolen toys? Still, the badge was impressive.

          “Neato skeeto, kiddo!” Aw, what the hell, might as well ask. “What kind of cases do you solve?”

   She wasn’t far off in her assumption, which was pathetic. Conan admired his friend’s gung-ho attitude when it came to helping others, but searching for missing cats and lost toys (because they almost always were misplaced) was a mockery of his skills.

   Glancing down and rubbing at his badge, he tried not to look too proud.

   ”Murder cases!” He beamed up at her, as if were perfectly normal. “And some thieft, but mostly murder.”

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Hakuba blinked at the giggle, and that really only made him more suspicious before he noticed him pointing at one of his DNA machines. Before he could answer Conan’s question the other was running towards it and Hakuba rushed after him.


"A-Ah Edogawa-kun!" Hakuba reached out towards his arm. "Please don;t touch that!"

   ”Why not? It looks fun.” There was some disappointment in his voice, even as dragged a chair over to the machine and climbed up to see it. He never fully intended on touching it, but it was a nice distraction. “Can you show me how it works?”

   He wouldn’t admit it openly, but he had never been given the chance to see what happened behind the doors of a lab like this. His curiosity was genuine, if a little childish.

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It had to have been hours, maybe even longer since the small boy had been thrown into the cell. Heiji couldn’t tell, having lost practically everything in an unexpected struggle. It had left him vulnerable and alone. He was thankful for the company, but worried for the boy’s safety as well as his own.

Someone wasn’t dicking around when it came to capturing them. He was sure he’d been the only target until the small detective was thrown into the dank cell later. Just as Conan had been unconscious, Heiji had been so as well, awakening to the smell and darkness around him.

Hearing his companion stir, Heiji’s face lit up a bit. At least he was awake. When he had first been put in the chamber, Heiji was sure Conan had been killed. He was relieved to find him breathing, albeit ragged.

"Oh good, you’re awake, Kudo."

   The voice, unfamiliar at first, startled the boy. He felt a numbing shock up his spine, turned to face the one speaking, them felt an embarrassing large amount of relief upon seeing his friend. At least, he hoped it was Heiji. The room was so dark that all he could make out were a pair of blue eyes. Squinting and getting to his knees, he snuffled towards the even darker shape in the corner.

   ”Hattori?” He coughed once to clear his throat and spit out another glob of blood, “I can’t see well, are you tied up, too?”

   He tried to turn his head to check if Heiji was tied up, but it was hopeless. With his hands bound behind him, the light on his watch would be useless — not that he had it on him. If felt as though he had been stripped of everything but his clothes. His badge, his watch, his belt and glasses had been nicked by whoever had ambushed him.

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—{☍}— "I see- so you go on cases then? My, I bet some are not what a child should be seeing in the least. Death and the sickness that is the human race might twist a child into a villain himself." He was speaking from his own experiences as a child though the way the other reacted prior he figured this child was more advanced than any normal child. "Though I can’t say I know his name to well. He’s from the mainland of Japan I’m guessing? The fun life of the islands to the south we don’t hear much of the news from the mainland."

   ”All the time!” He giggled and grinned proudly, “Don’t worry, I’m used to it! I even know how to check for rigor and livor mortis.”

   He’d seen plenty of corpses, some intact and others grossly dismembered, and had yet to flinch away. He knew that appearing brave in such situations might seem strange to adults, but couldn’t force himself to cry or feign sickness just at the sight of death.

   ”We’re from Tokyo.” Conan blinked up, “How far south do you live?”

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      He raised an eyebrow, then shook his head. “Do I?”, he asked and smiled. Of course he did, Kaito knew that, but admitting that wouldn’t exactly be clever. “Well, you must mistake me for someone, then. I’m pretty sure we haven’t met before.” Which was, in some ways, right - the detective had met KID, but not Kaito.


   Try not to look too suspicious, Conan. Lessening the intensity of his glare, he allowed himself to relax and look up at the teen. Whoever he was didn’t matter if he couldn’t help him out a little.

   Exhaling softly, Conan slouched his shoulders and scratched at the back of his head. “All right, but you haven’t seen a skateboard around here, have you?”

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